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Remedies of Poornima Nights

The lunar and solar cycles, decide the start and end of years and periods, in the Hindu Laws and religion. A year is divided into two parts based on the Sun’s cycle?..

Remedies of Amavasya

Amazing tips for Amavasya [Moonless Nights]. According to the Hindu almanac, the 30th of any month and the last date of the' Krishna Paksh' [dark phase of lunar fortnight] is.

Tips of Basil (Tulsi)

The Basil /Tulsi plant has a significant place in the Hindu religion and faith. The Tulsi plant is considered the most revered and sanctified of the plants, as dictated by the scriptures....

Tips of Pipal Tree

In the Hindu religion,much importance has been given to the Peepal Tree – according to the Shastras, this tree is the abode of gods and our ancestors : Lord Krishna, in the 'Gita' ...

Saraswati Yantra

Pitra Dosh Nivaran

Dhanwan kaise bane

Success in Whole Life

About Us

Jyotish Naveen is one of The Prominent / famous Indian Jyotish, now residing in Kurukshetra, Haryana and providing good and benefited Astrological Consultancy services to clients at national level astrologically, performing puja on behalf of clients and spiritually solving their problems successfully with various benefits for human life.
He has gained a diva sakati for our tap and sadhana for god and he has solved many problem for people in his spiritually knowledge & sarswati yantra. If anybody has any type of problem in their lives or any type of queries pertaining to one’s Horoscope, Love Life, Marriage Issues, Match Making Issues, Tantra Mantra Samrat, Queries related to Astrology, how to get Love Back, Palmistry, Problem’s with one’s career development, etc can approach Jyotish Naveen to procure solutions with all success for sure.